Sunday, 15 July 2012

birdy people help the people video analysis

The first shot is a panoramic shot of central London early in the morning , it works as an establishing shot and not only does it say that the video is shot in london it also introduces birdy as a british artist by including some of londons most famous landmarks canary warf , tower bridge as well as a iconic black cab . The shot is in black and white and signifies the sadness of the song , The second shot is an intorductory shot of the artist on a bus it is a close up and gives the impression of an everyday normal girl.This is followed by several matched cuts alternating between shots of London and the artist.Followed by a sustained close up of the artist . followed again by several shots of people including old men and possibly homeless people playing homage to the original video by the cherry ghosts . The footage of the old people signifies how much london and society as a whole has changed in one lifetime. The matched cuts continue and are now slow motion shots of busy london streets filled with the people the song is about. Diversity is a key feature in this video and it is carefully orchestrated to show the diversity of age , ethnicity , sexuality and ability and therefore highlighting the important message of unity that is the main point of the song.

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